Center for Charter School Quality


OAPCS’ Center for Charter School Quality (CCSQ) team offers a variety of services that include a robust data and assessment partnership, IT consulting services, onsite professional development, and a quality workshop series. CCSQ has three major initiatives.


CCSQ is focused on creating a data-driven culture in Ohio’s public charter schools. This is delivered by helping schools track student data and assessment with a customized web-based Instructional Improvement System (IIS) using Illuminate Education TM. Additionally, CCSQ provides customized, quality support related to data teams, classroom instruction, and managing performance results

In 2013-2014, our performance team, in conjunction with the Arts and College Preparatory Academy, was awarded the Straight A grant as part of a consortium of 17 charter schools to help implement a new data and assessment system.


The Center for Charter School Quality provides professional development through onsite trainings, workshops, and symposiums.

Topics include:

  • Curriculum and assessment;
  • Leadership and accountability; and,
  • Compliance finance

In 2013-2014, CCSQ hosted seven Quality Workshop Series to more than 300 attendees. Series topics included charter school law, special education, accountability, the new state tests, and more. CCSQ also hosted frequent onsite professional development for schools to help schools prepare for the implementation of Common Core and for Ohio’s new assessments.


CCSQ offers IT consulting at a fraction of the cost of most vendors, which includes assistance in:

Needs assessment;

  • Technology plans and acceptable use policies;
  • Discounts for software and hardware purchases; and,
  • E-rate guidance, saving schools 20-90%