2011-2012 Value Added Results

Posted on September 28, 2012




Each year over the past six years, the Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools has done an analysis of Ohio’s community school value-added results, comparing their growth results to the growth results of district schools in geographic proximity in the so-called “Big-Eight” urban districts. Excepting e-schools, the “Big Eight” urbans are the territorial grounds in which community schools are allowed to operate in Ohio.  This year’s analysis (2011-2012) is now available on our website.

Once again, there’s good news for charters in these results. Overall, Ohio’s urban charters had a higher percentage of schools scoring “above expectations” (29% versus 15%) and a higher percentage of “meets or exceeds expected growth” schools (81% versus 73%) when compared to traditional district schools in the eight Ohio urban areas.  The report presents an amalgam of these results as well as a breakdown by urban center.