OAPCS CEO, Bill Sims Testifies on HB 555

Posted on November 15, 2012
OAPCS CEO Testifies on HB 555
Earlier this afternoon, Bill Sims testified on House Bill 555, which aims to revamp Ohio’s accountability standards.  The bill also includes standards for dropout recovery schools, and it would change the way sponsors are evaluated.
Sims’s testimony focused on the changes to the accountability system.  He urged that the new system not undervalue the value-added component.  He also highlighted potential problems with the closing the achievement gap measure.  The new bill contains a variety of measures that look at college readiness, and Sims offered some suggestions for refinement.  Finally, he also suggested changing the graduation rate measurement, so that schools share responsibility for graduating students.
The bill is still in the House education committee but is expected to be voted on by the entire House before the end of the month.  It will then move to the Senate.
 For a summary of the entire bill, go to: