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Vendors and Other Businesses:



Achieve3000® is the leader in differentiated instruction. Our proven solutions, KidBiz3000™ (grades 2-5), TeenBiz3000®(grades 6-8), Empower3000™ (grades 9-12), and Spark3000® (for adult learners), are Web-based reading programs that improve reading comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, and writing skills for all learners—from ELL and Special Ed to Gifted.

KidBiz®, TeenBiz®, Empower® and Spark® deliver daily nonfiction, standards-based reading content that is precisely matched to each student’s individual learning profile. These solutions are based on decades of scientific research to dramatically improve literacy and high-stakes test performance.
KidBiz, TeenBiz, Empower and Spark provide:

  1. An online Lexile assessment tool for accurate initial placement.
  2. Daily content that is precisely and scientifically matched to each learner’s reading ability. All students in the class read about the same current events, but the passages and follow-up activities adjust to their individual learning profiles. Spanish and Haitian-Creole versions make the program accessible for English Language Learners.
  3. High-interest, contemporary content to motivate learners.
  4. Ongoing assessment—built into the daily instructional routine—that provides continual progress monitoring.
  5. A powerful reporting package that gives teachers and administrators the diagnostic data needed to track student usage and performance.
  6. State standards-linked content, assignments, and reports.
  7. Anytime, anywhere access for more time on task. Seventy percent of students using Achieve3000 access the solutions outside of school.




Members of the Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools have access to an exclusive program for their schools’ insurance needs, the CharterSafe Insurance ProgramCharterSafe is the first insurance program designed specifically for charter schools by school leaders and school insurance experts. CharterSafe was created as a direct response to schools’ needs of finding insurance options that provided the correct coverage at group reduced rates.

 Below are some important aspects of the CharterSafe insurance program that make it the most competitive and comprehensive program available in Ohio:

 1.     All inclusive insurance package including General Liability, Auto Liability, School Board Legal Liability, Sexual Abuse/Molestation, Property, and Risk Management Services. 

2.     Schools are saving up to 30% off their current premiums with enhanced coverage terms and significantly higher limits ($10 Million).

 3.     This program is more than just insurance coverage; it helps keep your school and students safe, as well as give you peace of mind and more money for your classrooms. 

CharterSafe is a customized insurance “package” ---a new choice designed from ground up for charter schools. And, it’s available only from Arthur J. Gallagher & Co, the world’s largest scholastic insurance broker.

Charter School Specialists has a proven track-record of success in partnering with school leaders and boards. We assist developers, educational management organizations, and “organic” school leaders and teams, and provide sponsorship services to nearly 50 Ohio schools authorized by St. Aloysius Orphanage.
Our experts provide technical assistance related to the development of charter school applications and contracts, and guide developers through the school start-up process. We deliver technical assistance to charter schools, from pre-operation planning and early operations, to ongoing school improvement and data management and analysis.

Charter School Specialists has assisted in the successful development and implementation of more than 80 schools. We have an outstanding reputation in the charter school movement and continue to provide value to the school choice public education system.

Our specialists are subject matter experts in finance, federal student programs, special education, school authorizing, and curriculum and professional development. We also coordinate a variety of special projects unique to the individual schools we serve, and we can even manage your entire education environment.
Turn to the experts at Charter School Specialists for a wide range of quality support, from sponsorship and professional development, to federal programs, special education and treasurer’s services.

Composite Trade Printing is proud to be an Associate Member of the Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools. Established in 1980, we have a long tradition of providing quality printed products to clients throughout Ohio, all at very competitive prices. Our primary products are business cards, letterhead, envelopes, note cards, note pads, labels, name badges and rubber stamps. However, we’re always ready to promptly respond to whatever printed needs our customers may have.

We minimize the time, stress and paperwork of placing product orders. We set up, manage and host, at no cost to our customers, custom websites. Simply logon, select the product you require, fill in the variable data blanks, approve an on-screen color proof, and go to checkout. The whole process is incredibly intuitive, reliable and fast.

Give us a call at 1-800-870-0679 and ask for Bob, our President. He’s personally handling all OAPCS inquiries and is committed to making certain every member receives the best possible combination of price, quality, service and turn-around.

Eastman & Smith is proud of its strong reputation built from providing a wide variety of legal services to businesses and individuals for over 160 years. Our practices in Education and Public Law are examples of our accomplishments.

Eastman & Smith Ltd.'s comprehensive education law practice serves clients in the public, private and higher education arenas. As a practice focused on current and pending public law and education trends, Eastman & Smith's legal advice adds value in a context that takes into account, first and foremost, a successful future for its educational institution clients.

Our public and education law attorneys draft legislation and rules, lobby, develop and negotiate contracts for public services and improvements, handle public infrastructure and special assessment matters, construction and environmental issues, economic development projects, public employment issues, and the defense of claims in litigation. We are involved in all aspects of education law, from employment and labor to special education, student discipline and constitutional rights.

We have passion, integrity and advocacy to offer, and we have fun securing successes for our clients.  See,



HERTZ FURNITURE carries the furniture Ohio’s Charter Schools need.  With over 46 years of experience in the educational furnishings market, we’ve worked with Charter Schools across the map for almost twenty years. Classroom, cafeteria, lab, music room, lockers, office, reception & more – we have what you’re looking for, for every room or area in your school!  We stand behind everything we carry, from over 125 manufacturers, and add a complimentary 25-Year Warranty to it all. We’re on contract with the largest School Districts in the country, and hold many other National, State & local contracts, including the KPN National Purchasing contract, which offers free membership and access to many of the goods and services your school needs.

We’re exclusive distributors of the Academia Furniture line of classroom, computer, office & cafeteria furniture, and offer a phenomenal Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of Academia’s products. We have several exclusive lines of Library furniture From Russwood, in addition to their standard offerings, to suit any age range and design style. We offer many options for science labs, from work tables and stools to built-in benches and mobile demo stations. Let us help design a great library or lab for you.  We carry outdoor tables and seating, overhead shade shelters and playground equipment for children of every age and ability. 

At Hertz we offer far more than just the best selection of furniture for your school.  Our Hertz Design Center (HDC) team offers complimentary space planning services, from needs analysis to product specification assistance, and including custom CAD drawings, and layout options.  We also offer free design of custom furniture to fit your special needs in every room in a school, from front office to classroom and beyond.  We’ll work with your architect or contractor, or just help your own staff with product selection and specification, from pre-construction built-ins and planning to post-construction furnishing. 

Our customers know we stand for excellent service, great selection, superior quality, on-time delivery, & value second to none.  You want the best for your students; you’ll get the best with Hertz!  Shop from our catalog, our website ( or call us directly. Your dedicated Regional Client Relationship Manager, Richard Berger, is available at 800-526-4677.  Give Richard a call and put Hertz to work for your school today!


Preventing School Issues from Becoming Crises

There are plenty of situations in schools that start as a casual comment, expand into a serious issue and explode into a reputation damaging crisis. These situations often consume time, money and may even affect a school’s reputation - negatively.

As an issue management and crises communication consultant to charter schools I can help you minimize damage once a crisis erupts. Even more important, there are steps to take to prepare for a crisis that may also prevent that crisis from occurring.

The Importance of Clear Communication

"No Comment" is no longer the conservative approach to communications. While any comment must be short and simple, saying nothing these days implies guilt. You don’t have to say a lot, but you must say something.

In three decades of Issue Management/Crisis Communication work I’ve followed three simple rules when providing communication counsel:

  1. Define issues - “Resolved issues are assets, unresolved issues are liabilities.”
  2. Develop messages - “It’s too late to look for the answer after the question is asked.”
  3. Deliver them simply - “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

The Value of a Process

An "issue" is the gap between what you are doing and what your stakeholders think you should be doing. The knowledge learned in an issue audit, a message development session and communication training will save you time and strengthen your reputation.

My process helps you eliminate the drama to protect your school’s reputation as you deal with the myriad of situations that cross your path every day.

Find out how this focused communication counsel can provide value to your school.

See for more information.




Mangen & Associates is an independent financial management organization launched in Dayton to help local public schools (charter and district) achieve long-term financial and academic success. Since its start in 2003, M&A has expanded its efforts to include schools in Columbus, Cincinnati, and Toledo.

The mission of M&A is to provide high quality technical assistance - in financial management, organizational leadership, and operational improvement efforts - to high quality partner schools designed to ensure financially viability, sound organizational structure, and strong academic performance.

M&A is a team of highly-skilled professionals who understand the uniqueness of Ohio charter schools. M&A recruits, vets, and hires - as either full-time employees or consultants - the best talent in Ohio. The M&A team of professionals include former district school treasurers, new certified treasurers trained specifically for fiscal oversight of Ohio community schools, professional financial managers with business and public education experience, top graduate students from local colleges and universities, and accountants and bookkeepers with many years of public school experience.

Mangen & Associates specializes in the delivery of high quality Public School Financial Management, Treasurer, Accounting and support services, including:

  1. Financial Management
  2. High quality financial planning and reporting that will meet or exceed the auditing standards of the Auditor of State and/or independent auditors.
  3. Licensed Treasurer
  4. High quality certified school treasurers with many years of public school accounting, compliance and licensed treasurer experiences;
  5. Payroll and Accounting
  6. Ongoing preparation of bi-monthly payroll and payables processing by experienced public school accountants.
  7. Grants Management
  8. Ongoing monitoring and management of CCIP Consolidated, PCSP and other Competitive Federal grants by experienced CCIP Consultants.
  9. EMIS / SOES Management
  10. Ongoing data entry and management of EMIS and SOES data submissions by experienced EMIS Coordinators.
  11. E-Rate, TESOL, eTech, CRRS and other School Support Services 
  • Massa Financial Solutions, LLC

You have invested so much time, effort and money to start your new charter school and you will do whatever it takes to ensure its overall success. Next to academic success, it is no secret that an independent charter school also needs to ensure that it achieves financial success. As noted in a recent study of charter school closures across the country, the reason why most charter schools closed their doors was due to FINANCES! So why risk a sudden end to the dream of running your own charter school simply because you didn’t have a strong financial management system in place to give you the warning signs?
Only excellence in every aspect of financial operation: Accounting, Budgeting, Analysis and Audits will allow you to keep things on course and let you know when adjustments need to be made. If you are a charter school leader and are not currently receiving this kind of timely and essential financial information, it is time for a change.

For more information, please contact Dave Massa at

Please click here for more information and to find your counties representative.

MCPc is a customer-centric technology solutions integrator experienced in solving complex business and IT challenges. For over 45 years, we have been helping clients select the technology products they need as well as develop, implement and support practical IT solutions. Our unique customer value lies in the richness of our technical staff, who are educated and skilled in all major technologies, all leading manufacturers, and across a multitude of industries and e vironments. MCPc’s investment in this multi-vendor approach gives our staff the flexibility and freedom to craft the optimum solution for each customer. We make it our goal to take ownership of the IT challenges you face so you can focus on your core business strategies, such as customer acquisition and retention, efficiency, cost savings and profitability.

At MCPc, we don’t just talk about collaboration; we execute it through the expertise within our seven key business units:

  • Datacenter
  • Network Solutions
  • Visual Communications
  • Personal Systems
  • Imaging and Printing
  • Licensing
  • Service and Staff Augmentation

Together, these teams help our clients identify and address emerging opportunities, drive down costs, gain efficiencies and improve end-user satisfaction.


Miles Ahead Technology has an extensive and diverse history of working with national educational institutions and the technology systems that support them. With our unique industry leading approach we are able to maintain our high standards while reducing the overall costs associated with information technology and facilities technology solutions. The Miles Ahead Technology team draws from over 100 years of combined technology industry experience to support our customers.

Miles Ahead Technology installs, services and supports all systems to a standard of superior quality. Our ability to remotely manage, monitor and support individual systems as well as the entire integrated network drastically improves the level of service delivered to the students and staff. CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) standards can be easily met and enforced. Each computer is configured such that student and faculty PCs can be locked down and every night automatically discard any and all undesired changes made during the previous day. System modifications, operating system alterations, viruses, spyware, malware and more will be cleaned with a simple reboot. As a result the computers are automatically restored to a pristine state each morning and faculty can spend more time with students and less time dealing with technology headaches. Ultimately everyone involved will spend less time worrying about technology issues.

The Miles Ahead Technology approach to service and support is unlike any other business in the industry. Our attention to detail and high quality standards allows monetary savings to organizations on the back end. With the full installed base of computers consistently and automatically re-imaging themselves, break-fix and desktop support costs are significantly reduced. This reduction of maintenance costs allows for increased flexibility in the technology budgets of educational institutions. Maintenance and upkeep savings enable educational organizations to invest in student and staff by opening the door to new and emerging technology.

Facilities technology is a key and often overlooked element of any technology plan. Premise security systems and access control can ensure that your facility, staff and students are safe. CCTV can provide an invaluable witness in the event of a liability concern, theft or vandalism. When integrated into the full technology plan, security, access control and CCTV systems are easily monitored and controlled from offsite. Imagine no more midnight visits to confirm that an alarm was false, let the police in and reset the system. Every aspect can, and should be, completed remotely.

Miles Ahead Technology provides value to educational institutions by combining installation and maintenance services for multiple systems. Miles Ahead Technology will reduce installation costs and improve the overall efficiency of all technology systems. By taking the Miles Ahead Technology approach, educational organizations reduce their overall systems maintenance costs, thus giving them flexibility in their budgets to invest in both expanding and upgrading their technology for the future.

Networking • IT Helpdesk Support • Workstations • Servers • Infrastructure Cabling • Premise Security • Burglar Alarms • CCTV • Camera Systems • Access Controls • Fire Notification • Telephony • Paging • Audio/Video Systems •Design & Consultation


Oswald Companies helps reduce employee risk through prevention programs and education. Ohio’s oldest independent insurance brokerage partners with clients when organizing and structuring risk reducing programs that deliver results: healthier employees, increased production and improved bottom-line performance. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, we enjoy strong relationships with highly respected clients throughout the country. We are a proud member of Assurex Global, the world’s largest association of privately held insurance brokers; resulting in service partnerships with 68 similar companies across North America, including representation on six continents. At Oswald Companies, we live our mission of “caring for our clients’ and employees’ needs, today and tomorrow.” Please learn more about us at

CHARTER SCHOOL FACILITY FINANCE - Piper Jaffray is a national leader in charter school finance.  We help our clients achieve their objectives through our comprehensive investment banking services, in-depth charter school industry knowledge, debt structuring, trading expertise and strong distribution channels.  In Ohio, we are enabling our Community School clients to have facility finance options by providing them with access to the capital markets.  These efforts are assisting the schools with the acquisition and improvement of their school facilities.  At Piper Jaffray, our focus is not simply the execution of the transaction at hand, but rather the delivery of superior client service and the establishment of enduring, long-term relationships.  For your facility financing, let us be your guide.  Contact either Jay Hromatka, Managing Director at (612) 303-6608, or Nick Hagen, Vice President at (612) 303-6661 (Toll Free at (800) 333-6000, extension 36608 or extension 36661).

The Portage County Educational Service Center (PCESC) has what your organization needs to stay on top of federal and state mandates, provide specialized services to all students, conduct thorough assessments and data interpretation, raise test scores, offer excellent professional staff development, and participate in multiple collaboration opportunities that offer fiscal and educational benefits.

Our services can complement those provided in community schools. See what we have to offer and discover all of the ways we can be of service to you!

Gifted & Talented Services

The PCESC provides coordination services between children, school personnel, parents, and community members to recognize, support, and advance talent development.

Human Resources Services

The PCESC offers assistance in the recruitment of professional and classified employees, job classification, training and development, records management, employee relations, and human resources information systems. The PCESC also provides a variety of employee services ranging from research to the interpretation of state rules and related regulations.

Curriculum & Instructional Services

Consultants are available in the area of curriculum and instructional services including school improvement, curriculum mapping, and data collection and analysis.

Student Services & Special Education

The PCESC provides comprehensive programming for the instructional and assessment needs of exceptional children. Consultation, supervisory, and problem solving assistance are also available in providing compliance with federal and state regulations and in cost containment and best practices in utilization of resources for the school. PCESC can also assist Ohio's community schools maximize reimbursement of federal Medicaid funding through the Ohio School Medicaid Program. This is possible through a unique partnership between PCESC, MSB and Ohio Charter Partners.

Fiscal Services

The Portage County Educational Service Center provides an array of fiscal support services, such as fiscal agent for grants, consortiums, and educational projects.

Business & Occupational Services

The PCESC provides many business support services related to maintenance, custodial, food service, and transportation responsibilities, as well as non-traditional student support programs.

PSI has a highly skilled and experienced team of educational specialists that set us apart from other service providers to Ohio schools! It is the support and coordination of our internal team that enables PSI school consultants to ensure our services are uncompromised. Whether it’s conforming with general education, special education, school health mandates or best practice standards, we partner with our client schools in solving their varied needs:
• School Psychology
• School Health (Nurses, Certified Clinic Aides, Medical Assistants)
• School Wellness Programs
• Intervention Specialists and Tutors
• Speech/Language Pathology and Therapy
• RTI Training and Implementation
• Prevention/Intervention Programs
• School Improvement Teams
• Special Education Compliance and Administration
• LanguageCultureConnection© provides Spanish, Chinese and other critical language & cultural instruction
• TESOL Services (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages)
• School Marketing

You benefit from our thirty years experience! As a Winner of Ohio's BEST Practices Award, PSI also offers child abuse training, anti-bullying modules, family life classes, and many other professional development seminars for Ohio's Community Schools. Our nation-wide network of education experts is available to our partner schools.

Learn how these programs can be customized to fit your school's needs and budget: 1-800-841-4774, ext 240, or, or visit us at:

A regional accounting firm with a team of government specialists, Rea & Associates performs audits, GASB 34 GAAP conversions and other compilations for school districts state-wide.




Since 1876, attorneys at Roetzel & Andress have been guided by core values – innovation, excellence in practice, client service and integrity. With more than two hundred attorneys and twelve offices in Florida, New York and Washington, D.C., including five offices in Ohio, our attorneys serve a wide range of client needs in a broad spectrum of industries including public and private education.

Our Ohio school law attorneys regularly counsel and provide legal support to schools on a variety of issues including: governance, ethics, policy development and implementation, labor relations, personnel, school operations, technology and social media, public relations, facilities, transportation, educating students with disabilities, pupil regulation and discipline, contracts and general business matters, public finance, constitutional issues and compliance with state and federal statutes and regulations. We routinely litigate in federal and state courts and advocate for schools before administrative agencies including the United States and Ohio Departments of Education, Ohio Civil Rights Commission, State Employment Relations Board, Ohio Personnel Board of Review, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and civil service commissions. The scope of our school services also includes construction issues, environmental concerns, bond counsel and virtually any other issue a school might face.

We are steadfastly committed to working collaboratively with school leaders to help achieve organizational sustainability and support the delivery of high-level educational services while at the same time recognizing the need for fiscal responsibility. Our experienced school attorneys provide support for strategic planning, operational challenges and student achievement. We are committed to serving you as a trusted advisor and look forward to providing the superior legal services you expect and deserve.

We invite you to explore our website and meet our core Ohio School Law team: Helen S. Carroll, G. Frederick Compton, Lewis W. Adkins, Sarah J. Moore and Amanda E. Gordon.

The Superkids Reading Program is designed just for kindergarten through second grade and teaches all aspects of reading seamlessly integrated with the language arts. Built on scientific research and proven pedagogy, it combines rigorous instruction with highly motivating materials. It’s a program children love with delightful songs and decodable stories that teach gentle life lessons with a cast of lively, likable characters—a time-tested program full of fresh, practical ideas written by a classroom teacher who’s been where you are and knows that children learn more when they’re having fun.

For over 100 years, S&S Worldwide has provided Classroom Supplies, Furniture, Sports & PE Equipment, and Arts & Crafts Supplies to educators and learning institutions nationwide. We offer many services such as: quick shipping (within 1 business day), real time sourcing & procurement, innovative technology solutions, quality assurance, and product testing to name a few. We are a staunch supporter of the charter movement. It is our hope to become your school's strategic partner in the effort to close the funding gap between Charter Schools and Traditional Schools.

The S&S Worldwide family delights its customers by delivering fun hands-on learning products for the young and the young at heart. We differentiate ourselves through our dedication to and investment in the excellent customer service we provide, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We pride ourselves on developing new, innovative tools which anticipate our customers’ needs, add value to their operations by improving speed and efficiency, and make their lives easier.

To this end we launched our National Accounts division in 2005, with the specific goal of an even higher level of service for multi-site education institutions, including charter schools and charter school management organizations. This elite division, which reports directly to the Co-Presidents, has grown with each successive year, and is dedicated to meeting every need of its select customer base. You will have a constant team ready to support your needs, including: Andrew Kimball (Manager,, 800-642-7354 x2452), Christine Taranto (Order Service & Support,, 800-642-7354 x2273), and Betsy Taylor (Product Expert,, 800-642-7354 x2128).

Visit us at


Scholastic Education is dedicated to using adaptive technology to close the most persistent gaps in achievement.

At its core, Scholastic has always been a company dedicated to helping children read. Beginning in the early 1960s, when Scholastic began to produce supplementary books and teaching texts, to the current explosion of technology and digital learning, the Company has stood out as a true partner to teachers and administrators. Today, Scholastic is harnessing the power of adaptive technology with programs that are grounded in research to help engage students, make teachers more effective and raise achievement, and through Scholastic Achievement Partners™, serves as a solutions partner with school districts across the country.

Programs like READ 180® and System 44® are proven-effective reading intervention programs that have cemented Scholastic as a valued resource and helped transform entire school districts. Additional innovative products like Scholastic Expert 21®, Expert Space®, Read About®, Timeliner® XE, FASTT Math®, Do the Math®, Scholastic Zip Zoom® English, Wiggleworks®, BookFlix®, and Fraction Nation® all support the development of essential knowledge and skills, helping teachers meet the needs of a wide range of age groups and proficiency levels. Scholastic also offers tools for formative assessment and data management, such as Scholastic Reading Inventory, Scholastic Phonics Inventory™ and Scholastic Reading Counts!®, which help educators measure reading levels and customize instruction. Teachers can access aligned professional development for all these programs 24/7 via Scholastic U™, the online destination for great teaching.

Scholastic Achievement Partners (SAP) brings together the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE), Math Solutions, and Scholastic to offer a full range of solutions for helping district and school leaders raise achievement for all students. With over 700 expert consultants and coaches around the country, we provide unmatched support in human capital develop¬ment across content areas, comprehensive school improvement, and program implementation.




School Pathways understands that charters who utilize an integrated SIS solution to build and track student profiles will have a competitive advantage in meeting the demands and supporting the success of students.  Started in 1999 with a focus on alternative education, our SIS gives charters the flexibility needed to provide the best education outside the box. Along with the daily data tracking and student administration, EMIS state reporting is accomplished through easily created data extracts that can be submitted directly to the state.  Customized reports on any data fields tracked make sure that timely decision making helps you improve both the student and administrative experience.

SpSIS is a web-based system that gives teachers and administrators the ability to use one system for individualized student learning, attendance tracking, assignments, grading, reporting and communication from school to home and back! Through a partnership with BrainHoney, School Pathways has closed the loop on online learning. All student work flows directly to the student information system for tracking.

An educational systems provider should understand your needs and challenges, becoming a partner that aligns their success with your success:  School Pathways provides quality, low cost, technology solutions for charters. 

Supporting educators isn’t just our specialty, it’s our passion. School Specialty provides innovative products, programs and services to help Ohio Charter Schools engage and inspire students of all ages and abilities to learn. Your best total value begins with these School Specialty brands and areas you know and trust:

  • School Specialty & School Smart……School & Office Supplies
  • Sax…….Art Education
  • Teaching Resources…..Supplemental Classroom Teaching Aids
  • Technology….for a 21st Century School
  • Childcraft & ABC……Early Learning
  • Sportime………Physical Education
  • Abilitations, Integrations & Speech Bin………Special Needs
  • Classroom Select, Projects by Design………Furniture & Equipment
  • Delta Education……..Elementary Science & Math Curriculum and Resources
  • EPS……..Literacy and Math Intervention
  • CPO Science…….Middle and High School Curriculum
  • Frey Scientific……..Science Lab Equipment and Supplies, STEM Resources

For more information, please contact your School Specialty Account Manager:

Bob Dondona

Mobile:  904-495-1680


Laurie Mayer

888-388-3224 ext. 5263


At Signature Learning Resources we are able to offer your school the highest quality professionals in speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, special education, counseling, and professional development. We can assist your school in developing and executing a successful special education and/or related therapy service program while holding paramount the educational needs of the child. We are truly committed to the diverse population of individuals we serve, helping people reach their maximum potential…and realize their dreams.


We are excited to announce that OAPCS has chosen to partner with Staples Advantage®, the business-to-business division of Staples, as our preferred office products, furniture and janitorial supply vendor. The OAPCS / Staples® relationship provides all OACPS members an opportunity for substantial cost savings, dedicated account management, next-day delivery and easy, online ordering through®.

Staples has been recognized for outstanding customer service by J.D. Power and Associates, consecutively since 2004, and they are committed to “making it easy” for us to buy a wide range of office products including classroom supplies, technology products and solutions, K-12 furniture, janitorial and cleaning supplies, digital copy services, and promotional products.

The power of consolidation. The flexibility of customization. The OAPCS/Staples Advantage® program gives you the buying power by leveraging a competitively awarded contract through the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, while still allowing you the flexibility to customize a program and product selection that works for your school.

Programs built to help you save Your program is customized for you. Your Staples account manager will work with you to:

  • Analyze your buying patterns
  • Structure a program that delivers the greatest savings on a customized product selection of your school’s most frequently ordered items.

Staples Advantage your one source for:

  • Dedicated account management with educational expertise
  • Easy online ordering
  • Fast and free delivery
  • Access to over 80,000 products including:
  • Office and school supplies
  • Classroom furniture
  • Janitorial supplies
  • School uniforms
  • Technology products
  • More services

Easy online ordering

We know how busy your day can be, you shouldn’t spend any more time than you have to (or want to) ordering supplies. That’s where comes in. Staples award-winning online ordering site StaplesAdvantage lets you:

  • Place orders quickly and easily 24 hours a day
  • Check availability
  • Review pricing
  • Track orders
  • Make returns

Our expertise in educational procurement

Our programs are built by educational experts for educators and schools. We offer a comprehensive selection of school supplies, janitorial supplies, classroom furniture and more. Programs built specifically for schools, managed by experts who understand the requirements of schools.

Questions and/or interested in participating in this program? Please reach out to our Account Manager, Julie Crist at 800-860-8500 or

Teachers’ School Supply, headquartered in Saint Augustine, Fla., is one of the largest school furniture, school equipment and school supplies distributors in the country. Since 1987, the company has provided high-quality, affordable equipment and superior customer service to thousands of churches, daycares and schools.

Starting out small, the selection at Teachers’ School Supply consisted of only crayons, markers and pens. Since then, the company has expanded to include a wider range of school furniture, as well as school equipment and supplies, becoming one of the largest distributors in the country and turning into a one-stop shop for charter schools.

For 26 years, charter schools across the nation have counted on Teachers’ School Supply to provide school furniture that is high-quality and affordable. Their customer service and dedication to total customer satisfaction is unmatched and continues to encourage the growth of their repeat charter school customers.

Marking the company’s 26th year in business, Teachers’ School Supply is now part of the BYO Recreation family. BYO is one of the most comprehensive and fastest growing recreational equipment suppliers in the world having supplied schools, daycares & churches nationwide with playground equipment for more than 12 years. This latest addition of TSS to BYO Recreation’s family is helping to make the company a complete resource for schools.  

Sally Perz, President

Ohio’s one-stop shop in the world of school choice, Capitol Link, LLC (CL) gives its clients access to a wide array of professional services delivered with competence and creativity! 

Each client engagement is unique and targets the client’s desired outcomes.  CL consultants work daily protecting and advancing choice and opportunities in education.

CL strategic consulting services include:

  • Advocacy/Lobbying-There are times when laws, department rules and regulations need to be introduced, changed or eliminated.  As a former legislator, Sally Perz knows the process and even advises seasoned lobbyists on issues related to school choice.
  • Association Management-Capitol Link provides the structure and staff to associations, getting desired results at a fraction of the cost. Follow up is key and CL consultants are masters at that! 
  • Board Development

   For high-performing Boards and those who want to be…..
          No boring speeches, no ego tales, engaging sessions with involved participants!

  1. Board retreats (annual retreats recommended)
  2. Strategy Sessions
  3. Board Evaluations
  4. Reorganization
  1. Expanding into the education market
  2. Increasing enrollment
  3. Deepening market penetration
  4. Replicating a successful model

Specialized services through Capitol Link’s affiliate: “Research & Reporting Services

CL does it all-from concept to design and writing to printed (or virtual) piece!

The unique difference is this: Protecting and enhancing school choice is not ONE of the areas of focus for Capitol Link. It’s THE focus, the passion, the experience and expertise that makes a difference for its clients and the movement as a whole,

Check us out: 

  • Read CL’s Buckeye Charter Briefs, the newsletter that speaks out the truth on key issues important to the charter school movement.
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TX Source, Inc. a premier therapy staffing and special education services provider, offers highly qualified speech, occupational, physical, behavioral health, psychological and related therapy services to educational organizations nationwide.  TheraWeb, our real-time, online therapy delivery solution, enables cost containment, compliance, increased goal progression and flexibility.  For more information about TX Source, Inc., visit


The O’Neill Group is more than just another insurance provider…we are specialists when it comes to designing School Insurance Programs.

From 1924 through today, The O'Neill Group has been carrying out a legacy of protecting our clients through custom-designed insurance programs. The Charter School Resource Center, a division of The O’Neill Group, was developed to service the unique needs of the Charter School community.

The Charter School Division is one-stop-shopping for all of your insurance needs, including: Property Coverage, General Liability, Auto Coverage, Worker’s Compensation, School Leader’s Errors and Omissions, Sexual Misconduct & Molestation, Umbrella Liability, Bonds, Violent Event Response and Equipment Breakdown Coverage. The Group can also handle Group Health and Life and Employee Benefits Packages.

Thomas Van Auker, head of the division, is truly a leader in the school insurance industry. His CSRM (Certified School Risk Manager) designation from The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research implies that he is committed to excel in the area of Charter School Insurance and to provide the highest quality professional insurance programs to Charter School clients. The designation certifies that Tom displays superior competency in measuring, handling, funding and administering school risks and is committed to meeting annual continuing education requirements to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing needs of charter, public and private schools.




Choice Provides Peace of Mind

Most of the managed IT services are available a la carte. We’ll work closely with you to make sure your particular needs are met.

Managed Services change the focus from technology to the relationship with our customers. The goal is to provide a framework to structure IT‐related activities and the interactions of our IT technical personnel with our customers and clients. This requires that we meet and exceed the constantly changing demands of users and customers. What does this mean for you? Whatever issue you encounter, you've got support from our team of seasoned Engineers and Technicians who have years of experience working in different environments.

IT management definitely can be a drain on resources, money, and most of all, time—time you don’t have. Business executives responsible for IT are looking for a qualified partner to take IT management off of their hands. We can manage, maintain and support your entire IT infrastructure for one monthly fee. Please contact the Sales Department for more information.


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Zaner-Bloser is a premier publisher of research-based handwriting, reading, spelling, writing, and vocabulary programs for PreKindergarten through eighth grade. The company strives to create high-quality, dynamic, and appealing educational programs and services that inspire all students to become engaged, literate citizens. Zaner-Bloser Handwriting has been a national institution for several generations. The company’s other programs include Spelling Connections; Voices Reading, a core reading program; Reaching All Readers; Read for Real; Word Wisdom; and the award-winning Strategies for Writers. Ever able to adapt to the changing educational landscape, the company continues to grow through the addition of technology products.