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At GSVA, we believe that all leaders, teachers and students can be creative thinkers and doers with sustained creative education and professional development. We also believe that creativity is a prerequisite for innovation in teaching and learning.

Let us help you be successful in your commitment to improving K-12 education with our innovative creative education models for students, teachers and leadership teams.

If you answer “no”, but wish you could answer “yes” to any of the following questions, please contact GSVA via to discuss the curriculum and professional development options that will benefit you.

  • Does your school have an in-depth art program that focuses on the creative development of every child?
  • Did you know that a local professional artist trained in teaching the GSVA Journey Program could teach in your school? Did you know that the GSVA Journey Program meets national fine arts content standards?
  • Do all or any of your teachers have training and expertise in using meaningful art experiences as a tool for teaching lessons in science, math, social studies, language arts, foreign language and school culture?
  • Have you, your leadership team and teachers had quality professional development that was designed and successfully implemented to inspire and develop, both individual growth and team collaborative growth?

We collaborate with school leadership, school transformers and teachers of all grades and subject areas in developing curricula based on an intriguing premise: that creativity and art can bolster kids' abilities to learn in other subject areas. GSVA is deeply committed to engaging students, building their interest in learning, fostering their creative courage and teaching for meaningful learning and deep understandings. We aim to captivate students, parents, teachers and administrators alike with innovative approaches to fusing arts-based learning with other disciplines.

A glance at GSVA’s educational consulting and partnerships …

  • K-12 curriculum design and professional development training in Ohio schools including Cincinnati Public Schools, Columbus City Schools, Newark City Schools, Youngstown/Liberty Charter Schools, Lancaster City Schools, Granville Exempted Village Schools.
  • GSVA fine arts curriculum programs designed for licensing to quality private and charter schools or after-school creative education organizations.
  • School and curriculum design of “Innovation High” for KnowledgeWorks-EdWorks-Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Participated in the 2-year design of Reynoldsburg City Schools eSTEM Academy, where the GSVA Journey Program will be implemented as an after school credit flex option.
  • Five year partnership with The Ohio State University Project Aspire, which includes collaborative arts-integration curriculum design with Columbus City Schools high school teachers.

For more information visit us at and  Also, click here to watch a video.